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→☠Dark surrealism and skull images here.☠← ©Alex Gotza
1984 Middle Earth Role Playing Campaign, Moria the Dwarven City. Iron Crown Enterprises by RubbersuitStudios (19.95 USD)

rikke christiansen

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My little girl wearing her upcycled dress up shoes.   She seems to like them even more now :)

Elizabeth ii

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Elizabeth ii

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lol the reaper copying his face has to be Ronald in disguise.

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Crochet Boudoir Pillows Fancy Pillow Patterns 1994 Annie’s Attic Booklet Romantic Victorian Cushions by Aurelas (4.50 USD)


because nothing says christmas like your soulmate dying of radiation poisoning giving you one last goodbye kiss through the glass while your knees crumple under the weight of your sorrow, the upcoming 2015 wrath of khan hallmark christmas ornament is a must have!

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Elegant Shrink Art Shrinky Dinks Booklet 1975 New Ideas for Shrink Plastic by Aurelas (5.00 USD)

Ack! Too many good things. I want to reblog them all!