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Rose Pink Drawer Pulls Satin Nickel Dresser Hardware by Thepinkpicketfence (6.50 USD)
Tutu Skirt Blue and Black with Lace and Heart Shaped Rhinestones by PiperAndLilith (17.00 USD)


a sentence
will always look
like poetry

if you
hit enter
a lot

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Ceramic tile, animal art, bird art, home decor, Night Owl, sculpted  4x8 inches by MedicineBluffStudio (68.00 USD)



An ancient woodland, located in The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England. 

In 1848 a group of workmen were moving a block of stone in the woods and found a small cavity in the rocks. Within that cavity they found three earthenware jars containing over 3,000 Roman Coins. No one knows who hid the coins or even why.

J. R. R. Tolkien, a frequent visitor to The Forest of Dean, may have actually visited Puzzlewood. Many believe that is where he got his inspiration for the forests of Middle-Earth in Lord of the Rings.

J.K Rowling has also been to Puzzlewood which is said to have influenced her idea for The Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter.

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there’s nothing wrong with being a little broken.

it took me this post to realize i need to stop trying to fix people

im sorry

I can’t help it, I am always going to try to find superglue for myself. But that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of my battle scars.

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Ornamental Crochet 3-D Thread Crochet Pattern Booklet 88H4 Spring Bouquet, Easter Egg, and More! by Aurelas (3.50 USD)
Title: “Moonlight” Masked woman with flowers in her hair dimly lit in the moonlight. by SpokeninRed (43.00 USD)


Franco Banfi

A swiss diver, captured these pictures of one of the six anacondas he saw on his 10 day trip to Mato Grosso in Brazil. This one was about 26-feet long.

"At the first moment it’s scary because you don’t know the animal and everybody says it’s dangerous. ‘But after a while you understand that nothing happens if you respect the snake. ‘I have never been so close to a snake like this before. But I think a small poisonous snake is more scary than a big one. At least you can see the anacondas clearly and know what they’re doing." - Franco Banfi

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Doctor Mew
Pillowcase Dress,  Black White Polka Dot Dress, Summer Dress, Toddler Dress, Pillow Case Dress, Swim Cover Up, Size 3, Size 4 by LizandLaurie (15.00 USD)
Secret Romance; V1, 39.  VF. 1976.  Charlton Comics by RubbersuitStudios (9.00 USD)
Hilary James and Simon Mayer  - Tom, He Was a Piper's Son


Tom, he was a piper’s son,
He learnt to play when he was young,
And all the tune that he could play
Was ‘over the hills and far away’
Over the hills and a great way off,
The wind shall blow my top-knot off.

I am so glad I listened to this because this tune is different than the one I grew up singing and I was very surprised when I heard the way it was sung on Kuroshitsuji. Other reason I’m glad I heard it:  it is just a beautiful performance and I have some new artists to look into now :D

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